About Us


calibrated.co.nz is a part of the South Pacific Avionics group (www.avionics.co.nz). We have been calibrating tools and test equipment for the aviation industry for more than 20 years. We have a team of 12 staff who are all commited to offering you the best service possible.

We believe there is a need for our services outside of aviation. The calibration services currently on offer in New Zealand are slow, expensive and often hard to understand. Many providers are unaware of the needs of the operators and often target their services at a laboratory analysts instead of engineers and mechanics.

You should not need a maths degree to understand a calibration certificate. Our certificates are in plain english. We will show you the errors that the unit had when we received it, the conditions and equipment we used for our tests and the performance of the unit as it's shipped it back.

All of the standards we use for testing are traceable back to National Standards.

South Pacific Avionics' Calibration Laboratory has recently been awareded ISO17025 accreditation by IANZ for pressure (and vacuum) gauge and torque tool + torque tool testing equipment calibration (Link to accreditation here).  Over the next couple of years the intention is to add to that scope to accomodate most of the services currently offered. 

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