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Welcome to Calibrated.co.nz

Calibrated.co.nz, as part of the South Pacific Avionics Group specialises in the calibration and repair of mechanical and electronic measuring equipment for all types of industry.

South Pacific Avionics recently achieved accreditation, under the ISO17025 Calibration Laboratory Standard, from IANZ.  (You can view our schedule of accreditation here.)

Our aim is simple: To make calibration painless for the operator. We will do this using the following three simple rules:

  1. Communication. Clear, concise communication in plain english so there will be no surprises. Calibration certificates in plain english that are easy to understand with pre and post adjustment results.
  2. Planning. We will work with you to determine appropriate calibration frequency or when we think the next cal should be due. We will also let you know when you have equipment coming due.
  3. Economy. Calibration doesn't need to be expensive. All calibrations are quoted first and any repairs or adjustments will be discussed with you BEFORE we spend YOUR hard earned money.

Why Calibrate?

  1. Calibration helps to ensure consistent reliable results that are within the specifications.
  2. Calibration reduces warranty. By ensuring all your tools meet the specifications set down by the manufacturer you will see less re-work due to under torqued fasteners or over stressed fittings etc.
  3. Calibration will make it easier for you to use subcontractors and outsource work. If you and all your subcontractors all work to the same dimensional accuracy, assembly will be quicker, easier and with less need for re-work.


  • Mass Calibration
  • Torque Calibration
  • Dimension Calibration
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Crimp Tool Calibration
  • Pressure Calibration
  • Force Calibration
  • Electronic Calibration
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